Cancoppas provides reliable and cost effective process instrumentation, controls and services for industrial and municipal wastewater monitoring and process control.

Our selection of stand alone products and integrated systems not only guarantee production improvements but also assist our customers in meeting government imposed environment regulations in the area of liquid, solid and gaseous emissions monitoring.

When you need quality process measurement, control and environmental instrumentation, we will find you a solution.

Featured Products

Standard H25 Body


Explosion Proof Housing, Optical

Standard, Intrinsically Safe and Explosion Proof

Level and Volume Measurement

Two (2) Channel Multi-Parameter Analyzer

Non-Contact Ultrasonic Transit Time

Differential Transducer



Portable Dissolved Oxygen

Acoustic Stationary

Venturi Modified Open Channel or Full Pipe

Loop Powered 2 Wire Radar

Explosion Proof

Oval Gear Positive Displacement MX Series Flowmeters


Aysix Netmeter Omni