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Ultra Low Range Pressure Measuremenet

The DP transmitters are designed for low pressure measurement in HVAC applications. They are available in full scale pressure ranges from 0.25 inH2O and to as low of 0.025 inH2O full scale. Both models are available in 4-20 mA or 0 to +5 Vdc signal output options.

Digital Manometer
Differential, Gauge, or Absolute Digital display Pressure Monitor

The self-contained digital indicator and pressure sensor is ideally suited for test panels in industrial and laboratory applications where accurate low-pressure readings are required. The panel-mount digital indicator with large 0.5 inch high, 4-1/2 digit LED display, provides a clear readout in three engineering units, PSI, In. Hg and In. H20, which can be selected from the front panel. The indicator also features separate calibration adjustments for meter display and analog output.

Gauge & Differential
Strain Gage Output Pressure Transducer

The D/A Pressure Transducer is designed for direct application in DC strain gage instrumentation systems which require low pressure ranges not generally available in strain gage transducers. Functionally, it is a direct replacement for a strain gage transducer, providing a 5 mV/V nominal DC output over an excitation range of 5 to 12 Vdc.

Low Cost Pressure Transducer

General Purpose pressure transducers provide cost effective gage pressure measurement solutions for your industrial applications. It includes a rugged design and stainless steel wetted parts and it features superior performance with 0.25% accuracy and temperature compensation.

Gauge & Differential Manometer
Portable and Self Contained Digital Pressure Manometer

The instrument is a portable, completely self-contained digital pressure manometer, available in absolute, gauge and differential ranges. In addition to the front panel liquid crystal digital display, the unit also provides a 2 Vdc analog output suitable or recording, remote display or control purposes.

Featured are an integral variable reluctance transducer, solid state electronics

Absolute - All Welded
Variable Reluctance Pressure Sensor

The  Absolute Pressure Transducer, is designed for low and medium pressure measurements, to laboratory accuracy, of corrosive liquids and gases. In typical AC excited bridge circuits, this transducer delivers a full-scale output of 40 mV per volt at 3kHz. The unit operates with carrier systems including a sine wave carrier demodulator and a miniature DC input DC output carrier demodulator to produce a high level analog DC output suitable for recording and control. 

Differential & Absolute
Integrated Ruggedized Pressure Transducer

The Differential Pressure Transducer is the combination of a variable reluctance pressure transducer and a miniature carrier demodulator integrated into a single package to provide for operation from mobile dc power and deliver a standardized dc output suitable for recording or telemetry.

Variable Reluctance Pressure Sensor

An easy-to-replace pressure-sensing diaphragm maximizes the system’s functionality by making pressure measurements from ±2.22” H20 to ±3200 psi in one compact unit. Rugged and reliable, the transmitter  provides superior accuracy for measuring low-pressure liquids and gasses, while it withstands the abuse of field and laboratory testing

Draft Measurement
Precision Range Transmitter

The Draft Range Transmitter is designed exclusively for very low pressure measurement needs. It has a “true” full-scale range as low as ±0.25” H2O, making it ideal for air flow control applications. It can be turned down to ±0.1” H2O; higher full-scale ranges to ±100” H2O are available. The transmitter offers 0.5% accuracy and an operating temperature range of -20°F to +185°F. The total combined temperature effects are less than 3%/100°F.

Gauge & Differential
Low Pressure Variable Reluctance Sensor

The Very Low Differential Pressure Transducer is designed for extremely low pressure measurement in the order of ±1 inch water column.This instrument is used extensively in connection with flow measurements where dynamic response at low flow rates is required. Dynamic line pressure effects are minimized due to the combination of low internal volume, symmetrical construction, and small volumetric displacement inherent in itsdesign.

Gauge & Differential
Ultra-Low Range Measurement

The Ultra Low range Pressure Transmitters are ideally suited for measuring extremely low liquid and gas pressures in industrial applications. Full-scale differential pressure ranges from 0.10” H2O to 2” H2O with line pressure rating of 100 psig, and ranges of 2” H2O to 3200 psid with line pressures up to 3200 psig are offered. Gauge pressure ranges start at 0.10” H2O and absolute pressure from 0.08 psia full-scale. This unique design, which utilizes a diaphragm-type variable reluctance pressure sensor, provides many outstanding advantages.

Differential Transducer
Variable Reluctance Pressure Sensor with 17-7 PH Wetted Parts

The Differential Pressure Transducer uses 17-7 ph stainless steel as the material of construction for both the housing and diaphragm in order to provide improved long term compatibility with corrosive pressure media, such as saline solutions, sea water,etc.

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