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Clamp On Ultrasonic
Non Invasive

The Aysix Ultrasonic Switch is a measuring instrument which utilises ultrasonic signals for precise level control of liquids.  The sensors are attached to the outside of the tank and measurements are made through the wall.  There is no need to drill holes or to perform any welding to install the sensors.

Since there is no contact between the sensors and the liquid to be measured, the devices are ideal for hygienic applications and for the measurement of aggressive media

The  units are novel ultrasonic measuring devices using sensors which are installed to the outside of tanks or stand pipes.  Ultrasonic signals are continuously transmitted through the wall and into the liquid.  The received echo signals are evaluated in the electronics.The measured value is available as switch output

Most applications for Aysix switch can be found in the food and pharmaceutical/chemical industry as the measuring principle used guarantees cleanliness and a long life-time of the installation.  Many other applications are possible with switch such as the detection of gas bubbles or solid particel


  • Level control for tanks with a maximum
  • Limit alarm
  • Overflow protection
  • Wet/dry or full/empty detection in tanks and pipes
  • Pump protection
  • Leakage detection in double-wall tanks
  • Monitoring of tanks and pipes for gas pockets or solid pockets