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Fail Safe

The MAXIMA+ is BinMaster’s most advanced rotary level indicator featuring a complete fail-safe system that alerts to the loss of power, failure of the motor, or failure of the electronics – making it the best choice for applications where it is essential that the rotary operate continuously and the user be knowledgeable of the unit status. A red LED indicator light on the top of the unit indicates its status, providing for quick visual monitoring of the unit. Appropriate for wide variety of bulk solids including powders, pellets or granular materials, the MAXIMA+ alerts the user to bin status via an audible horn or light wired to the unit. Notification occurs when the paddle stops rotating and is in a covered condition; it alerts again when the paddle begins to rotate as the bin is emptied and the paddle is uncovered.

The MAXIMA+ can be mounted on either the side of the bin or at the top of a bin using a shaft extension. To prolong motor life and to optimize energy costs, the motor of the MAXIMA+ will “de-energize” once the shaft stops turning when material comes into contact with the paddle, unlike competitive rotaries that will go into a “stalled” condition. When material falls away from the rotary paddle, the motor automatically energizes and the paddle starts rotating. The MAXIMA+ also features a compact screw-top enclosure providing easy access to the motor and electronics. BinMaster offers a variety of stainless steel and polyethylene paddles in single and three-vane designs to accommodate a wide range of industries and applications


  • Reliable point level detection for bulk solids
  • Used in bins, silos, chutes and conveyors
  • Very robust and rotary of choice when continuous operation is crucial.
  • Material density from 2lb./cu.ft. to over 30lb./cu.ft.
  • Feed, seed, grain, food, plastics, chemicals and many other materials.
  • Microprocessor-based fail safe indicator
  • Visual LED indicates sensor status
  • De-enegized motor for extended operational life
  • Three bearing drive shaft assembly reduces wear and increases reliability
  • Triple thread screw-off cover
  • Internal bi-directional clutch
  • Multiple voltages
  • Interchangeable with other rotaries
  • Powder coated finish