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Mechanical (Yo-Yo) Level Transmitter
Cost Effective Agricultural Applications, Up to Sixty (60)

An economical and compact inventory tracking system that has been designed to measure solids, powders, liquids or slurries in smaller bins, tanks and silos. The compact, yet rugged design can be mounted on angled or flat roofs and can be used in vessels up to 60 feet tall. Accessories include a variety of mounting flanges to accommodate from 0 and 40 degree roof angles, pipe extensions to provide cable protection, a selection of probes suitable for a variety of materials, and a gearbox motor heater for when operating temperatures fall below 32 degrees F.

Mechanical (Yo-Yo)
Industrial Applications, Up to One Hundred Eighty (180) Feet

A proven, reliable level measurement system using cable-based sensoring technology. When combined with its powerful Windows-based eBob software program and remote push-button control consoles, it offers the strongest and smartest cable-based inventory measurement system on the market today  with the ability to manage from one up to 128 bins of heights up to 180 feet.

Control Console for Smart Bob
Multi- Vessel

The SmartBob2 console – C-100 – is the easiest way to remotely initiate and view measurements from multiple SmartBob2 sensors. This compact, manually-operated console provides fast measurement readings from one up to 128 SmartBob remotes at a single location … with the push of a button. The SmartBob consolecan be used alone or integrated into a network using eBob software. It provides basic, local control and monitoring of a single SmartBob remote or a network of up to 128 SmartBob remotes at a networked site.

Guided Wave Radar
Cable Type

Guided microwave level transmitter is designed for continuous level measuring of conductive or nonconductive liquids, pulps and solids.

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