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General Overview

Septage Receiving System

The Aysix logger products; septage recieving, weight station, and bulk water dispencing all share standardized software and associated data management services for streamlined opperation. All and multiple stations can be controlled by a central control station, which can be accessed via users computers or even via the web, depending on how set-up options are configured.  All systems are out of the box fully featured, even the simple cost effective systems are designed for a versatile solution that can grow with modular hardware options at anytime.
Whether receiving or exporting liquid wastewater, cake sludge for treatment or dispencing bulk water, the solutions provide invaluable data for audit trail compliance, asset management and efficiency monitoring as well providing reliable and robust solutions for control of the discharge / reception process. With over a thousand units sold worldwide, we have a fully capable, customizable and robust proven systems. 

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