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Here are the available subcategories:

Hydrostatic Submersible Transmitter

Hydrostatic submersible Level Transmitter applications include Borehole transmitter for the water industry
also for small diameter pipes clean or contaminated water, sewage, weak acids and caustics.

Loop Powered 2 Wire Radar
Powerful accurate Level Transmitter

Non contact Radar Level for the measurement of liquids, slurries, emulsions
and other chemicals under pressure or vaccuum. Ignores foam on the surface providing continuous safe level at all times.

Threaded sensor connection type for easy mounting.

A rugged, high performance ultrasonic level measurement transmitter, having transducer and processing electronics incorporated in one single housing.

Bulk Solids

Contact Compact Level Transmitter hermetically sealed complete with flying cable for easy installation.

Flange Mounted
Compact Transmitter with Display

Fully integrated transmitter with local programming module for easy,quick setup and diagnosis for trouble free operation.

Rod Version

Compact Loop Powered Level Transmitter for use with most liquids acids or alkaliis under full vacuum or pressure.

Vibrating Fork
Liquid Point Level Switch

Rugged Compact Probe ignores foam and works with all types of liquids independant of viscocity, density and electrical properties.

Compact Flush Mount allows for easy cleaning and reduces any build up issues.

Atmosperically and temperature compensated piezo resitive sensor for accurate contents measurement. 

Vibrating Rod
Free Flowing Granules

Unique design probe that prevents build up to provide trouble free switching on free flowing powders and granules grains and plastic pellets.

Vibrating Fork
Low Bulk Density materials

Twin probes providing narrow surface area for very light bulk density materials eg, flour.

For Solids or Liquids

Universal Switch with immunity to conductive and none conductive build up.

Manhole Monitor
Manhole Monitor In-Sewer Overflow Alarm System

The Aysix Mission Manhole Monitor is a complete  sewer overflow tracking and alarm system designed to be installed in a Combined Sewer Overflow and Sanitary Sewer Overflow locations.

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