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Smartbob Accessories

Control Console for Smart Bob
Multi- Vessel

The SmartBob2 console – C-100 – is the easiest way to remotely initiate and view measurements from multiple SmartBob2 sensors. This compact, manually-operated console provides fast measurement readings from one up to 128 SmartBob remotes at a single location … with the push of a button. The SmartBob consolecan be used alone or integrated into a network using eBob software. It provides basic, local control and monitoring of a single SmartBob remote or a network of up to 128 SmartBob remotes at a networked site.

Communication Module
Momentum Universal Communication Module

The SmartBob2 Momentum Universal Communication Module (MUCM) enables the operator to tie SmartBob2 remotes into an existing control system is used when performing communication translations between serial protocols. The MUCM has a pre-loaded SmartBob2 application that has been compiled and downloaded into its Flash memory. The standard SmartBob2 MUCM allows a Modbus serial master to gather data from up to 32 BinMaster SmartBob2 remotes. The MUCM is easy to program and eliminates the need for analog input and output cards.

Wireless Transmitter for SmartBobs

BinMaster's wireless transceiver eliminates the need for running long spans of communication cable between SmartBob remotes mounted high on the top of bins and the control source on the ground... whether it be a PC, an SBC-1000 control console, or a Remote Start Unit. It provides for two-way data communication and enables installations at challenging sites where running extensive cabling is expensive and unfeasible.

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