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Purge and Pressurization

Enviro-Line Our simplest purge /pressurization system
Suitable for non-hazardous areas that contain dusty,dirty or corrosive atmospheres.

An environmental pressurization system designed for nonhazardous areas that contain dusty, dirty, and corrosive atmospheres. It operates on a
supply of compressed instrument air or inert gas to regulate and monitor the pressure within the sealed enclosure. This prevents the accumulation of damaging and caustic gases and dusts. 

1000 Series
Providing a dependable solution for hazardous area protection. Class 1 or Class 2 approval (depending on size)

An enclosure pressurization or purging system that operates on a supply of compressed instrument air or inert gas.

3000 Series
Type Y/Z and Ex pz certified

A Rapid Exchange purging system that operates on a supply of Compressed instrument air. It regulates and monitors pressure within sealed protected enclousures in order to prevet flammable gas or vapor accumulations.

6000 Series
Type X, Ex px certified purging system is a complete automatic system that will purge and pressurize the protected enclosure and maintain pressure within the enclosure.

A system that protects general purpose equipment mounted in a standard enclousre so that it can be located and operated in a hazardous area. The hazardous area classification can be Class 1 and/ or Class II, Divison 1.

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