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Turbine and Paddlewheel

Insertion Paddle-Wheel
Dual Pulse

The Dualpulse insertion flowmeter is an innovative design combining a well known proven technology of paddlewheel flow sensing technology to provide a cost effective and reliable means of measuring the flow of a wide variety of clean and low viscous fluids.

Impeller Utility
Optional Integral Batch Controller

The UM series is specifically engineered for the most common liquid transfer and monitoring applications within industrial plants, mining sites, automotive service centers and refueling installations. Monitoring and controlling the movements of water, fuels & other low viscosity liquids under pumped or gravity conditions in small pipe sizes is widespread. The UM flowmeter provides a cost effective & reliable solution with a variety of versatile options.

Economical Water Flow Totalizing Meter
Single jet dry type totalizing water meter

The KOBOLD WM series is a single jet, dry type, totalizing water meter.  
It is an ideal choice for a range of sub-metering applications.

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