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Positive Displacement

Oval Gear Positive Displacement MX Series Flowmeters
Modular Oval Gear Positive Dispalcement Flowmeter

The MX series of positive displacement oval gear flowmeters has been designed to maximize uptime.

The new compact design and versatile M-Lock  mounting system, the pulsers and displays for the MX Series can be installed or exchanged in less than15 seconds.Without a tool required.

The MX Series is machined from a solid Billet which means it's now more resistant to wear and tear as well as more corrosion resistant.The MX Series high working pressure rating of 2000 PSI is more than double that of previous models ,with a 25% increase in temparature rating up to 150 deg Celsius.The MX Series comes in a wide variety of electronic displays and blind pulse outputs ,and is designed in such a way that every pulser fits every meter. The modular process connections provide a large degree of versatility allowing users to easily interchange maintain and upgrade their systems in the most efficient manner .


  • Simple Installation
  • Ultimate Durability
  • Versatile
  • High Quality