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Explosion Proof Housing, Optical
Heavy Duty 3.75

The H38 is an explosion proof version of the field proven H25 encoder series.

Explosion Proof Housing are an enclosure that can withstand an internal explosion of the most volatile gas-to-air mixture that can penetrate into the interior of the enclosure.   The encoder's enclosure contains the explosion without damage and without allowing the flame to leave the enclosure through any joints or other openings.

These encoders are ideal for use in petroleum services industries, solvent refining operations, spray painting applications, and explosive dust environments.

Certified for NEMA Class 4X and 6 (outdoor nonhazardous locations) and Class 4X and 13 (indoor non-hazardous locations). It is available with Class 1, Group D, Division 1 or Class 2, Division 1 Group E, F, and G rating for use in hazardous locations. It features a standard shaft seal, double bearing seals, and a cast aluminum housing with hard anodized and dichromate sealed finish. The H38 is suitable for use in petroleum service industries, solvent refining operations, spray painting applications, and explosive dust environments. 


  • Explosion Proof Housing Class 1 Group D
  • Incremental model: Resolution up to 5,000 CPT (72,000 CPT with interpolation)
  • Any H25 Body Encoder can be used inside the H38