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Spectrophotometers for Drinking,Waste and Process water

VIS Spectrophotometer

The Smart VIS spectrophotometer is the ideal spectrophotometer for wastewater analysis.It offers fast, easy and reliable results with direct insertion of cell tests and over 180 preprogrammed test kits.

The range for wastewater analysis includes:
COD, BOD, TOC, phosphorus, ammonium, total nitrogen, nitrate, chromate, lead, volatile organic acids, and many more.
The test kits can be stored at room temperature.
No need to wait until the test is at room temperature, and no fluctuation of results due to temperature variabilitySpectroquant® Prove 100


UV/VIS Spectrophotometer for Sensitive Measurements

The UV/VIS spectrophotometer for sensitive measurements is optimized for the analysis of drinking water and beverages.It uses a 10,20 or 50 millimeter cuvettes to suit a variety of measuring ranges.A Sulfates test  is available with an extended measuring range for water and bevarages along with manganese tests that offer accuracy without turbidity.
This spectrophotometer is capable of both UV and VIS measurements and is equipped with a long lasting xenon lamp offering rapid and reliable results.It is Programmed with free application procedures methods such as ICUMSA, Bromate in drinking water and Brewery Methods.Spectroquant® Prove 300

UV/VIS Spectrophotometer for Complex Analyses

This is a powerful UV/VIS spectrophotometer designed for process water analysis.
Offering high-resolution optics with cuvettes of up to 100 mm, the compact device is perfect for complex kinetics or spectral measurements.
It is preprogrammed for the most sensitive silicate and chloride tests, so you can detect the lowest analyte concentrations,
and avoid damages to cooling and boiler water systems.

Besides 10, 20 and 50 mm cells ,a 100 mm format for even greater sensitivity is available.
Current methods for 100 mm cells include: silicate in process water, iron in drinking water, and phosphate in surface or process water.Spectroquant® Prove 600


  • Direct insertion of cell tests
  • Over 180 reagent test kits
  • Preprogrammed with free methods for quick processing
  • 10,20,50 and 100 millimeter cuvettes available
  • Automatic analysis with live ID
  • Easy Documentation
  • Analytical Security