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Aysix Netmeter Omni
Multi-Function Real-time Networked Monitoring System

The NetMeter-OMNI continuously captures data from the attached sensors and stores it in the large built-in non-volatile memory for years’ worth of data history.


Multi-mode Flexible Inputs

In order to accommodate a wide range of sensor inputs, the NetMeter-OMNI enables each of the 8 input channels to be configured for either voltage or current mode.
  In addition, each voltage/current input can be interpreted as binary (with pulse counting) using programmable thresholds, or as a high-resolution analog value.A built-in energy-storing device allows pulse counting to be maintained during blackouts for up to 12 hours with options for even longer blackout protection.

Plug-and-play Operation

A self-contained web server inside the NetMeter-OMNI serves up a full featured user interface that may be accessed using a standard web browser: there is no need to install or maintain an application program on the user’s computer. Device setup is easy using the web interface. For pulse measurement, simply set the volume of water/air/gas/steam per pulse, define the units of measure, and cost per unit. For analog inputs (pressure, temperature, flow, etc.) the scale factor and offset may be defined for each channel.

Real-Time/Historical Data

Years of captured data can be stored in the built-in data logger. Logged and real-time data and can be viewed either graphically or numerically with sub-second updates for
immediate feedback.


  • Web Enabled Monitoring
  • Self contained monitoring
  • Multi-mode Flexible inputs
  • Plug and Play Operation
  • Process monitoring
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Supports Modbus TCP
  • Large data logging capability

  • Installs in minutes with no process interruption
  • Self contained can be used without a central server, with no ongoing fees
  • Track plant operations through real time process data
  • Track carbon footprint
  • Easy to installl expand and customize
  • Works with virtually any sensor
  • Open system software interface
  • Built in Datalogger with Interactive plotting from a standard web browser
  • Can be accesed through web browser.