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Portable Dissolved Oxygen
Hand Held with Logger

Model 3100 portable dissolved oxygen analyzer is a state of the art, easy to use meter that provides many benefits to the plant operations staff fluorescence sensor technology ,no membranes, fill solutions, or cartridges,sensor does not have to remain moist data logging with direct downloading to your PC calibration is factory programmed.

The Aysix Portable Dissolved Oxygen Model  A6-IIG-3100 is a unique system that combines advanced  electronics with a solid-state optical sensor. The sensor utilizes an optical technique that does not consume oxygen like all standard membrane sensors and unlike other optical sensors is not damaged by direct or indirect exposure to sunlight. It is a multi-range analyzer designed for the measurement of dissolved oxygen in all aqueous solutions. The microprocessor based electronics of the analyzer provide a high degree of flexibility and ease of use. Data logging and the ability to download the data directly to a computer are standard features. 

A very specific energy wavelength is transmitted to a ruthenium compound immobilized is a sol-gel matrix. The ruthenium will absorb this energy, changing the outer electron’s energy level. The electron will then collapse back to its original energy state, emitting the energy as a photon with a different specific wavelength. This is called
fluorescing. If the intensity of the transmitted wavelength is tightly controlled, the amount of fluorescing is both predictable and repeatable. If oxygen molecules are present the amount of fluorescing is reduced, referred to as fluorescence quenching. By measuring the amount of quenching it is possible to determine the amount of oxygen present. 


  • Reduces the need for daily lab analysis
  • Built in data logging with real time clock
  • Range 0 to 25 ppm
  • No consumables (membranes or cartridges)
  • Sensor not susceptible to sunlight (requires no special storage)
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Five year sensor warranty
  • Accurate reliable readings
  • Sensor life expectancy < 10 years
  • Robust sensor face can be wiped without special materials

  • Improve efficiency of sampling
  • Improve efficiency of reporting
  • Covers all ranges within a typical WWTP
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Will not be damaged by careless storage
  • Convenient
  • Long Term Durability < 10 yr life expectancy
  • Earns confidence
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Durable sensors need no special handling