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Explosion Proof
Epoxy Coated - Single & Double acting

The D3 is a digital positioner where high air delivery capacity is combined with low air consumption. It suits both linear and rotary actuators, single or double acting. Five keys and a large graphic display make D3 simple to configure and adjust. The pneumatic relay consists of piezo electric valves and is made of plastic to offer high corrosion resistance. An easily accessible built in replaceable filter is provided to offer durability together with a sealed off compartment for the terminals.
Communication is possible via HART, Profibus PA and Foundation Fieldbus.
The D3 offers a wide range of special versions:
- Fail in last position upon loss of input signal
- Remote mounted
- 270 degree rotation
-  Advanced diagnostics.
- The modules can be factory assembled before delivery or fitted later.
D3E Gas Service 
The Positioner is suitable  for Natural Gas Class I Div 1 Groups C & D T5 Temperature Rating .
28VDC/24mA /0.67 Watts
Maximum Working Pressure 105psi
The D3E Gas service Positioner is equiped with an explosive fluid seal and an explosion proof  flame arrestor fitting .




  • It features all benefits and options similar to the standard D3. Communication with HART or Profibus is possible.
  • 3 Versions available D3 Intrinsically Safe,D3 Explosion Proof,Feedback and Remote mount
  • Retrofitable

  • Large graphic display where all information is presented.
  • The zero bleed pneumatic relay offers savings due to very low air consumption.
  • Auto calibration setting is accurate regardless of who makes it.
  • Configuration is simply done from five large push buttons.
  • Using the D3 digital positioner which has enormous selection of mounting brackets and hardware, the D3 can retrofit to almost any application