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Differential Transducer
Variable Reluctance Pressure Sensor with 17-7 PH Wetted Parts

The Module DP215 Differential Pressure Transducer is exssentially the same as the Model DP15 except that the material used for the transducer housing and diaphragm is 17-7 ph stainless steel rather than type 410, for improved long term compatibility with corrosive pressure media, such as saline solutions, sea water, etc.

Like the DP15, the DP215 features take-apart construction with a wide range of interchangable sensing diaphragms that may be exchanged in the field, covering full scale pressure ranges from ± 8 psid through ± 3200 psid. Thanks to the exclusive Validyne diaphragm sizing procedures, the user can select a diaphragm – or a
transducer, for that matter – to cover virtually and full scale pressure range between the minimum and maximum limits for the model (see the Pressure Range/Diaphragm Selection Chart or the reverse side of this data sheet for details), without compromising the accuracy of the measurement.

Other features include:

· All surfaces in contact with the pressure media are stainless steel, Inconel-X or the O-ring compound selected (see Ordering Information for available choices), in both the postitive and negative cavities, thus eliminating the need for isolating diaphragms and fluids (a trus “wet-wet” design).

· Total diaphragm deflection for full scale pressure change is less than 0.0015”, resulting in extremely lowe volumetric change, and corresponding high dynamic response characteristics.

· Equal volumes in both the positive and negative pressure cavities ensure truly symmetrical preformance in bidirectional differential meaurements.

· A bleed port is provided in each pressure cavity to eliminate undersirable entrapped air in liquid measurements.


  • Full Scale ranges from ± 8 to ± 3200 psid
  • Equal pressure inlet volumes
  • Field replaceable sensing diaphragms
  • Accepts corrosive liquids and gases, both sides