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Electro Magnetic Flowmeter

The SX-S series electromagnetic flowmeter measures the volumetric flow rates of electrically conductive
materials on the basis of Faraday's Law of electromagnetic induction.

Every type of electromagnetic flowmeter has the following features

  • Fluid flow is not obstructed and pressure loss is negligible.
  • The process fluid's temperature, pressure, density or flow conditions has no effect on the accuracy of the
  • The flowmeter output is directly proportional to the process flow rate, thus it is easy to read its output.


  • Highly Stable Magnetic Field
  • Real Time Coil Excitation Verification
  • Coil geometry designed for maximum magnetic field uniformity
  • Integrated power surge protection
  • High purity, passivized electrodes for long term measurement stability
  • Simple interface Easy to set up
  • Digital Communication Available
  • Simultaneous Analog & Pulse outputs
  • Real time output port verification