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Stationary Acoustic Current Profiler

The Acoustic flow meter is designed for measuring discharge in open channels as well as partially filled and full filled pipes.Typical applications are Pipes, open channels,irrigation channels,natural streams,canals and Hydro Power Plants. With it’s 2-dimensional velocity sensor and a resolution of max. 64 measuring cells, the Accoustic flow meter sets new standards. It scans the velocity profile and calculates the discharge together with the measured water level. Even under difficult hydraulic conditions with secondary flow, it delivers amazingly good results. The cross flow is recognized and eliminated by the measured velocity vector.


The system is designed to measure both the vector and the magnitude of individual velocity cells to account for velocity variations within the flow and obtain the flow profile.An intergrated pressure sensor is used to measure water level and combined with the velocity profile calculates the flow most accurately.

The Transmitter consits of a computer which incorporates all the required algorithms and software to ensure accuracy and repeatability.The IP65(NEMA 4X)compact  flow display computer has a 4x20 alpha numeric display and a four button keypad.All data is stored in a 16GB Micro-SD card .The transmitter computer controls measurements ,calculates the flow rate and provides freely programmable current  outputs,status alarm ,frequency outputs and totalizer readings.The transmitter can be mounted up to 660 feet (80 M)away from the sensor.The unit is available in AC and DC Power supply options.


Parameterization of the measurement site and data visualization is easliy possible using a standard web browser.There is no need for an App or additional software.The interface is graphical and menu driven for rapid commisioning.This allows your flow meter to be accessible from anywhere.



Two tranducers sizes are available depending on application.They allow both vertical and horizontal installations in channels and partially filled pipes.The 2L sensor is suitable for channels widths of up to 66 Feet (20 M).The 2XL sensor is used for channels widths of up to 394 Feet ( 120 M)

Vertical Mount



Horizontal Mount


  • Accurate flow measurements
  • Up to 64 individual measuring cells
  • No on-site calibration
  • 2-D velocity measurement
  • Bi-directional velocity measurement
  • Velocity profiling gives detailed information about the velocity distribution and hydraulic conditions
  • Accurate even under harsh conditions

  • High accuracy
  • Competitive cost
  • Long-term real-time monitoring
  • Instantaneous measurements
  • Mutiple communications options
  • No proprietary software required