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Venturi Modified Open Channel or Full Pipe
NIST Traceable

The DataGator combines a modified Venturi flow tube design with strategically positioned pressure transducers to accurately and reliably measure flow under all conditions - including transitional periods between open channel and full pipe. The flow measurement is derived from proven hydraulic theories using three distinct pressure readings within the pre-calibrated flow tube.
By translating pressure directly into flow, the DataGator eliminates errors introduced by level and velocity conversions and average velocity calculations.
Housed in a submersible NEMA6P enclosure, the DataGator electronics are designed to withstand the harsh sewer environment. Now you don't have to compromise accuracy or sacrifice time to measure flow under  varying conditions. Engineered  specifically for sewer flow monitoring, Renaissance Instruments' patented DataGator® provides NIST traceable accuracy without the need for on-site calibration or flow profiling.  Fully programmable, pre-calibrated and easily installed, the DataGator simplifies long or short term flow monitoring from data collection to final analysis and reporting - regardless of the flow condition. 




  • Accuracy traceable to NIST standards
  • Factory pre-calibrated
  • Fully portable and easily installed
  • No minimum level or flow requirement
  • Sampler pacing & rainfall logging
  • Real time data monitoring
  • Independent of velocity profiles