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Standard Body
Available in 12 or 13 bit versions

Model H25 is available in an absolute version with up to 13 Bits of resolution. It incorporates many of the great standard features of the incremental version, including: EMI shielding, 40-lb ABEC 7 bearings, matched thermal coefficients on critical components, and custom optics. This encoder features a 12 or 13 Bit absolute parallel gray code output, a selection line for count direction, and an output latch as standard.

Multi Turn Absolute Encoder
The HMT25 geared multi-turn encoder provides absolute position information over multiple turns

The HMT25 geared multi-turn encoder provides absolute position information over multiple turns of the input shaft. It keeps track of the exact position even during periods of power loss without the need for a battery backup. 

Explosion-Proof Housed Absolute Encoder

The same Explosion Proof rated encoder as the H38 Incremental, in an absolute encoder vertion with output up to 13 bits of resolution.

Power dam position monitoring

Rittmeyer “Ripos” absolute encoders are very durable devices measure angle and revolutions in harsh environments. Common applications are gate position measurement in power dams. The optical sensors are available with a wide variety of output modules.Measuring ranges up to 4096 turns with accuracy of 0.1 % or less. Integrated linearisation and remote configuration options are available.

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