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Linear Cable Extension Transducer

The Model LT25 linear cable transducer provides digital position and speed information in a durable, easy-to-install package. The LT25 cable transducer utilizes a flexible cable, a spring-loaded spool, and an incremental optical encoder to precisely measure linear position. Cable transducers are also known in the industry as cable-extension transducers, string potentiometers, draw wire sensors, draw wire transducers, yo yo pots, linear position string pots, string encoders.

The sturdy measuring cable (also referred to as the string or wire) is made of nylon coated stainless steel for ultimate strength with a measurement range up to 125 inches. The LT25's compact profile and IP66 rating makes this a perfect solution to a variety of industrial linear measurement challenges, whether involved in concrete cutting, controlling hydraulic cylinders, metal grinding, or having an awkward access area for measurement.

One of the greatest advantages the linear cable transducer offers is its simple and adaptable installation. Simply connect the wire to your moving equipment and secure the base to a fixed object. Hard to reach areas and worries about shaft misalignment are now not a problem, as the LT25's flexible design allows for versatile measurement setups with the same interface design as used for rotary axes.

This linear cable transducer unit is ideal for wet, dirty, or outdoor environments and applications where your measuring range travels over harsh environments.


  • Simple Setup
  • Accurate distance measurement

  • Flexable application's
  • Precision control