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Compact Body
Heavy Duty, Rugged 2.5" Encoder Diameter

The HS25 combines the rugged, heavy-duty features usually associated with shafted encoders into a hollow-shaft style. Its design includes dual bearings and shaft seals for NEMA 4, 13 and IP65 environmental ratings, a rugged metal housing, and a cable gland. This low-profile design, just 2" deep, is easily mounted on a through shaft. Securing the encoder to the shaft is simple with a collet-style single screw clamp. The optional antirotation tether block maintains housing stability during operation. The HS25 is designed to accommodate shafts up to 3/4" in diameter. With optional insulating inserts, it can be mounted on smaller diameter shafts. Applications include motor feedback and vector control, paper converting and printing industries, robotic control, web process control along with many other applications.


  • Rugged Heavy Duty Construstution
  • Low Profile
  • Intrinsically Safe Certification

  • Long Life in Demanding Enviroments
  • Mount in limited spaces on a thru shaft.
  • Approved for Hazardous Envirorments