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Heavy Duty, Rugged 3.5" Encoder Diameter

´╗┐The HS35 combines the rugged, heavy-duty features usually associated with shafted encoders into a hollow shaft style. Its design includes dual bearings and shaft seals for NEMA 4, 13 and IP65 environmental ratings, a rugged metal housing, and a sealed connector or cable gland. The HS35 accommodates shafts up to 1” in diameter. Optional insulating inserts can be mounted on the HS35 to accomadate smaller diameter shafts. The HS 35 can be mounted on a through shaft or a blind shaft with a closed cover to maintain its environmental rating. The HS35 is also available with a dual output option  to provide redundant encoder signals, dual resolutions, or to supply two separate controllers from a single encoder. Applications include motor feedback and vector control, printing industries, robotic control, oil service industries, and web process control.


  • Full Feature Hollow Shaft Incremental Encoder
  • Multi Bore Sizes Avaliable
  • Intrinsically Safe Certification (available as an option)
  • Dual Output Signals Available

  • Wide Selection of Option's Available to meet your requirerments
  • Flexible Mounting Options
  • Approved for Hazardous Environments
  • Can deliver two independent output signals