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Harsh Duty
All metal, extremely rugged encoder with heavy duty bearings and EMI shielding

The H20 is an extremely rugged encoder designed to economically fill the resolution range up to 4096 cycles per turn. This compact unit features a shock resistant disc, heavy duty bearings, and EMI shielding. The H20 conforms to NEMA 4 and 13 requirements. The H20 is also available in a hub shaft style with a flexmount (inset) for easy mounting directly to small motors. Typical applications of the H20 include machine control, process control, agricul- tural machinery, textile equipment, robot- ics, food processing, and metering.


  • Small Body Size
  • Extremely rugged encoder
  • Heavy duty bearings

  • Mount in tite Spaces
  • Will withstand harsh enviroments
  • Large shaft loads