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Field Programmable Resolution up to 10000 PPR
Can Replace Standard H25 Body Encoders

The Omnicoder features a dynamic encoder resolution that allows users to easily program the encoder resolution anywhere between 1 and 10,000 counts per turn.   Packaged in BEI’s flagship Model H25® incremental encoder, the Omnicoder allows for virtually unlimited resolution variations.
•Simple Programming
Using a computer USB port and simple programming interface software, users can reprogram the encoder’s resolution on site as needed. Using the existing encoder connector and programming cable, connect to a computer via the USB port.  In the software, type the encoder resolution and click 'Program'.  A new resolution is now programmed.
•Stock one encoder type
For users with multiple resolution requirements, Omnicoders can be kept in stock and programmed just prior to installation.
• Take the guess work out of specifying encoder resolution
When ordering a typical encoder, resolution is selected at the time an order is placed.  This resolution is then fixed for the life of the encoder.  With the Omnicoder, resolution can be programmed and reprogrammed at any time by the user.

Download Driver Software

Download Software Interface


  • Field Programmable Pulses Per Revolution
  • In Stock at Cancoppas
  • One Encoder to Replace Most Encoders
  • Multi Voltage Operation

  • In House Back Up for Reduced Down Time
  • Quick Deliveries
  • Most Flexable Encoder Available
  • Will Interface with different field devices