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Pressure Level controller
Multi Channel Capability

Up to four sensors can be connected to a RIPRESS Controller via 4 … 20 mA or MODBUS RTU. The measured value (typically pressure) is converted into a process value (typically level, flow, volume) by means of an interpolation curve with 20 points. Several prepared functions (interpolation point values) are available for this.
The two analogue outputs (4 … 20 mA) can be used as a correcting variable (PID controller) or as a signal amplifier.  The individual measured values can be recorded and monitored against limit values.

Various preset events can initiate an alarm via SMS, remote interrogation is possible via modem/GSM, data connection to higher-level systems (SPS / SCADA) takes place via MODBUS RTU.

All system parameters can be interactively entered or amended and the measured values displayed via the 6 membrane keys and the graphical LCD. The RIPRESS Controller supports the languages German, French, Italian, Spanish and English.


  • Data logging with remote interrogation via modem or GSM
  • Measured value output via 4..20mA, MODBUS, binary, BCD or GRAY code
  • Optimised for water supplies, sewage treatment, hydrography, power stations and many more applications
  • 4 analog plus 4 digital inputs
  • 6 relay outputs, 2 analog outputs and 2 digital outputs
  • Integrated 24 Vdc power supply for sensors
  • Graphic display, measured variable indication, Bar graph and trend curves
  • Data logging as well as PID controlPredefined functions for flow, level, volume etc.

  • Multi purpose and very versatile instrument
  • Multi channel and economical
  • Alarm via SMS, remote interrogation via GSM, PLC or SCADA systems via Modbus