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Variable Reluctance Pressure Sensor

The DP15 Pressure Transducers are designed for low and medium pressure measurements of laboratory accuracy, and are used for aircraft and missile flight and ground test applications including air speed, fuel flow, altitude, fuel pressure, tank level and aerodynamic load pressures. In typical AC excited bridge circuits, the system delivers a full scale output of 35 millivolts per volt at 3,000 Hz. The transducer operates with carrier systems, including the Validyne CD15 with 10 volts DC output. 

The pressure sensing element is a flat diaphragm of magnetic stainless, clamped between case halves of the same material, in a symmetrical assembly. Pick-off coils, embedded in the case halves, sense the diaphragm deflection. The embedded coils are covered with a non-magnetic stainless layer, so that the pressure cavity presents a completely stainless exposure to the working fluid vent valves facilitate complete liquid filling for dynamic measurement  


  • Continuous range coverage from ±0.08 to ±3200 psid
  • Equal pressure inlet volumes
  • Field replaceable sensing diaphragms
  • Withstands extreme pressure overloads
  • Accepts corrosive liquids and gases, both sides