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Variable Reluctance Pressure Sensor with All-Welded Construction

The DP10 Pressure Transducer, is designed for low and medium pressure measurements, to laboratory accuracy, of corrosive liquids and gases. In typical AC excited bridge circuits, this transducer delivers a full-scale output of 30 mV per volt at 3kHz. The unit  operates with carrier system including the Validyne CD15 since wave carrier demodulator and CD16 miniature DC input DC output carrier demodulator. The Pressure sensing element is a flat diaphragm of magnetic stainless steel, clamped between case halves of the same material, in a symmetrical assembly. Pickoff coils, embedded in the case halves, sense the diaphragm deflection.

The embedded coils are covered with a non-magnetic stainless steel exposure to the working media. These pressure chambers and the diaphragm utilize all-welded seals. No o’rings or gaskets are used in the unit.


  • Ranges from ±0.08 psid to ±3200 psid
  • Wet-Wet differential
  • Accepts corrosive liquids and gases
  • Low acceleration sensitivity
  • High natural frequency