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Gauge & Differential
Ultra-Low Range Measurement

P532 Pressure Transmitters are ideally suited for measuring extremely low liquid and gas pressures in industrial applications. Full-scale differential pressure
ranges from 0.10” H2O to 2” H2O with line pressure rating of 100 psig, and ranges of 2” H2O to 3200 psid with line pressures up to 3200 psig are offered. Gauge pressure ranges start at 0.10” H2O and absolute pressure from 0.08 psia full-scale. This unique design, which utilizes a diaphragm-type variable reluctance pressure sensor, provides many outstanding advantages including: 

All surfaces of the transducer and pressure manifold ports which come in contact with the process fluid are corrosion resistant. This eliminates the need for isolating
membranes and transfer oil fill techniques normally required for most industrial applications, particularly those involving; P measurements across flow elements.

Extremely low volumetric displacement – 3 x 10-4 inches3 for most ranges – for full- scale pressure changes.

Total diaphragm deflection of less than 0.0015” for full-scale pressure excursion provides excellent dynamic response characteristics at low stress levels. This prolongs the life of the instrument in applications involving extensive pressure cycling. 

Gauge and differential pressure sensors may be easily disassembled in the field for cleaning or range changing, by replacing the sensing diaphragm. (A
family of low-cost, interchangeable diaphragms are available from factory stock to cover any full-scale pressure range between the limits shown in the Specifications.)

The P532 Assembly includes the appropriate sensor, a pressure manifold assembly (which serves to isolate the sensor from external mounting and plumbing stresses),
and an all solid-state electronics module housed in a moisture-proof, dust-resistant NEMA 4 enclosure.

Electrical connections and Zero and Span adjustments are readily accessible under a water-tight, removable cover. Each P532 is factory adjusted and precision
calibrated to the full-scale range specified by the customer. Available options include a 3 ½ digit liquid crystal local output display, square-rooted output for use with non-
laminar flow elements, a choice of O-ring seal compounds and sensor materials for corrosive service, and choices of input power.


  • Measures ultra-low differential and gauge pressures from 0.10” H2O full-scale.
  • Absolute ranges as low as 0.08 PSIA full-scale
  • 4-20 mA or 10-50 mA dc output
  • Available in two- and four-wire configurations
  • Integral 3 ½ digit liquid crystal local display available
  • Field repairable