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Ultra Low Range Pressure Measuremenet

The DP850 Series has been a leader for the true measurement of ultra low differential pressures. The variable reluctance method of transduction utilized in the designs is one of the few methods to allow the direct measurement of ultra low pressures. With this method one does not need the overamplification of sensor signals, hence contributing greatly to system stability and accuracy.


The pressure sensing element is a stainless steel diaphragm clamped between case halves of the same material, in a symmetrical assembly. Pick-off coils imbedded in the case halves sense deflection of the diaphragm in response to applied pressure. Self-contained electronics provide excitation to the pick-off coils and translate diaphragm movement into either a 4-20 mA current loop signal or a 0-5Vdc output for convenient use in any systems application.


  • • Differential Pressure Ranges from 0.025” H2O full scale to 10.0” H2O full scale
  • • 4-20mA ( 2 wire) or 0-5 Vdc ( 3 wire) output
  • • Infinite resolution
  • • 12-45 Vdc unregulated power
  • • Easy to install
  • • Unaffected by humidity