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Low Pressure Variable Reluctance Sensor

The Validyne DP45 Very Low Differential Pressure Transducer is designed for extremely low pressure measurement in the order of ±1 inch water column. This instrument is used extensively in connection with flow measurements where dynamic response at low flow rates is required. Dynamic line pressure effects are minimized due to the combination of low internal volume, symmetrical construction, and small volumetric displacement inherent in the DP45 design.

All surfaces exposed to the media are corrosion resistant steel. The design and construction of the DP45 permits the user to disassemble the instrument for cleaning, diaphragm replacement, or changing the transducer range. The transducer range is changed by substituting a different sensing diaphragm chosen from the Diaphragm Selection Chart on the reverse side of this sheet.

Used with a typical Validyne carrier demodulator, pressure inputs as low as 0.6 in.H2O will produce up to a ±10V output. The exceptionally low acceleration sensitivity of the DP45 ensure accuracy under all types of mouting conditions.


  • Low range: ±0.6 to 90 in.H2O FS
  • Low internal volume
  • Symmetrical construction
  • Small volumetric displacement
  • High natural frequency