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Low Cost Pressure Transducer

P2 pressure transducers provide cost- effective gage measurement solutions for your industrial applications. With a rugged design and stainless steel wetted parts, the P2 also features superior performance with 0.25% accuracy and temperature compensation.

The P2 is available in full-scale pressure ranges of 0-15 psig to 0-5000 psig, and can be ordered with output signals of 0 to +5V or 4-20 mA. The pressure connections are 1/4 inch NPT male and a mating electrical connector is included. Simply thread the sensor into your piping and connect the power and signal wiring to the screw terminals of the DIN connector.

The superior performance of the P2 is assured through the use of chemical vapor deposition strain gage technology. Sensors are produced by de- positing polysilicon on a stainless steel wafer resulting in a strong, reliable design. The transducers have an accuracy of 0.25% and have excellent long term stability. They are highly resistant to shock and vibration, and are compensated for -4 to +176 F (-20 to +80 C) ambient environments.

Applications for the P2 Include:

• Pumps and Compressors
• Hydraulic Systems
• Refrigeration
• Pneumatic Systems
• Engine and Vehicle Test
• Gas Distribution


  • Low cost gage pressure measurement
  • High accuracy +.25% excellent long term
  • Stability shock & vibration resistant
  • NEMA4 Enclosure
  • Stainless steel wetted parts