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Compact OEM Probe

The Compact Pro is a compact capacitance probe for reliable level measurement and plugged chute detection for liquid, powder, granular, and pelleted materials. This probe is designed for tight spaces where proximity switches will not work and is appropriate for use in tanks, bins, silos, chutes, conveyors, pipes and load out hoppers. Operation is independent of bin wall and it can be used with either metal or non-metallic vessels. It features four levels of static discharge protection, which is important for pneumatically conveyed materials.

Compact Pro is simple to set up and requires virtually no maintenance. Its compact design makes it easy to install and a simple "one-time" calibration procedure with sensitivity up to less than one Picofared ensures fast set up. It requires no routine preventive maintenance and its operation unaffected by temperature changes, eliminating the need for recalibration. In addition, its special Pro Shield technology ignores material buildup that can cause proximity switches to fail. A visual LED on the housing indicates sensor status at-a-glance, showing the presence or absence of material.


  • Point level detection and process control for solid, liquid and slurry materials
  • Used in smaller bins, vesels, tanks amnd chutes.
  • Plastics, chemicals, concrete, food ingredients, pharmaceuticals, more
  • Works where proximity switches don't

  • PRO-Shield feature ignores material build-up
  • LED on housing visually indicates sensor status: covered or uncovered
  • Easy one-time calibration
  • Compact design; simple to install
  • For metal, plastic or other non-metallic vessels