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Explosion Proof Applications

BinMaster PROCAP IX and IIX capacitance sensors are designed for use in hazardous locations, featuring CSA Class I, Groups C & D and Class II, Groups E,F & G ratings. They are suitable for challenging environments where there is a risk of explosion, detecting high and low levels in bins, silos, tanks, hoppers, chutes and other vessels used for volatile material storage or process manufacturing. BinMaster capacitance sensors operate by detecting the presence or absence of material in contact with the probe by sensing minute changes (as low as 0.5 pF) in capacitance caused by the difference in the dielectric constant of the material versus the air. A wide assortment of probes and extensions make BinMaster capacitance probes appropriate for a variety of solid, liquid and slurry materials.

These intrinsically safe capacitance probes provide interference-free operation – working far below the RF level of 9 KHz at just 6 KHz. – and will not interfere with two-way radios or other equipment operating in the radio spectrum. They feature simple “quick set” calibration and fail-safe operation including an internal LED to indicate the sensor status. Accurate level detection is assured even in dusty , sticky or clinging materials by the PRO-shield feature which compensates for material build up on the sensing probe. It also provides fail-safe protection in the event of a power failure as well as an adjustable time delay to help prevent false readings.


  • CSA, CL1 C D ; CLII E F G Explosion Areas