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Rugged Aggregate Applications

The BinMaster Tilt Switch is a versatile, cost-effective level indicator that can be used in a wide variety of applications and materials. Activating an alert when the device tilts at least 15 degrees, it is used to detect high levels of large, heavy materials in bins, tanks and silos. Alternatively, it can be used to detect plugs or clogs in chutes during process operations. The tilt switch features a simple, mechanical design that allows it to also be used as a load sensor when positioned over open piles or conveyor belts.

The tilt switch is installed over a desired control point using a wire rope, chain or other flexible hanger capable of supporting the device. Generally, an optional paddle extension is installed to increase the sensitivity of the tilt switch. When tilted at least 15 degrees, a steel ball inside of the device activates a microswitch, alerting the user to a high level or clogged status.


  • Reliable and economical high point level detection for bulk solids including powders, and granular materials
  • Used in bins, vessels, chutes, silos, or over open pits where conventional level devises cannot be mounted
  • Material density of 15lb./cu,ft. and greater
  • Grain, sand, gravel, concrete, aggregates, coal and many other materials.
  • Rugged construction and easy installation
  • Simple design with one moving part
  • Switch activated at 15deg angular
  • Float paddle option available