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Mechanical (Yo-Yo) Level Transmitter
Cost Effective Agricultural Applications, Up to Sixty (60)

The SmartBob-TS1 sensor is an economical and compact inventory tracking system that has been designed to measure solids, powders, liquids or slurries in smaller bins, tanks and silos. The compact, yet rugged design can be mounted on angled or flat roofs and can be used in vessels up to 40 feet tall. Accessories include a variety of mounting flanges to accommodate from 0 and 40 degrees roof angles, pipe extensions to provide cable protection, a selection of probes suitable for a variety of materials, and a gearbox motor heater for when operating temperatures fall below 32 degrees F.

SmartBob-TS1 is installed at the top of a vessel. When prompted to take a measurement, the rugged motor releases a nylon cable from the supply pulley and a weighted sensor probe descends to the surface of the material. When the sensor probe touches the material surface, measurement information is transmitted. This versatile measuring device can be used in conjunction with eBob inventory management software, the SmartBob control console, the BinMaster Remote Start Unit (RSU), and the MUCM communication module. It can be utilized in hardwired applications or with a wireless data transmitter.


  • Rugged, simple and dependable inventory measurement system for solid, liquid and slurry materials
  • Measurement range to 40 ft.
  • Vendor-managed inventory
  • Econimical, regardless of number of units installed
  • 5th generation eBob PC-based inventory management software
  • Requires no field calibration or adjustment
  • One display console for one up to 120 bins
  • Built-in wireless options available
  • Simple daisey-chain wiring
  • Minimal ongoing operational and maintenance cost

  • Introduction model, low cost unit.
  • Applicable for Agricultural storage bins.
  • Product suppliers have access to view inventory levels.
  • Lowest cost inventory management system.
  • Current user friendly inventory management software.
  • Easy to commission.
  • Simple easy to use control console
  • Save on electrical installation.
  • Save on electrical installation.
  • Low cost of ownership.