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For Solids or Liquids

The NIVOCAP CK capacitance level switches operate in the RF (radio-frequency) ~ 130 kHz range.
The instrument is less sensitive to deposits provided by the so-called reference probe construction.
The RF operation principle and the probe construction make the instrument suitable for detecting level
of powders and solid materials with relative dielectric constant grather than 1.5 and liquids.
The device needs to be calibrated after the installation.
During the operation the electronics continuously evaluates the capacitance difference of the connected
measurement probe. Until the probe and its close surronding are free in the air (the medium to be measured
don’t reach the probe) the minimal capacitance of the measuring and the reference probe is constant
(εrelative=1) compared to the instrument housing. When the medium reaches the probe the basic capacitance
will increase (εrelative>1). The electronic measures this capacitance change compared to an initial capacitance
value recorded by the calibration procedure.
The reference probe construction allows that the material build-ups on the probe can be ignored preventing
false switching.


  • Max. 10 m measurement range
  • Vertical or horizontal mounting
  • Rod or cable probe versions
  • -30…+200°C medium temperature
  • Max. 40 bar medium pressure
  • IP67 protection