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Rod Version

NIVOCAP 2-wire capacitive level transmitters provide an ideal solution for level measurement of conductive or
non-conductive liquids. The probe of the instrument and the reference probe (which can be either the metal wall of
the tank or installed separately) operate as opposing plates of a capacitor. Between the plates of this capacitor the air
is replaced by a medium with greater dielectric constant than the air during filling the tank, therefore the capacitance
is changing directly proportional to the level. The incorporated electronic circuitry measures the capacitance difference
and converts it to an output signal proportional to level 


  • Max. 20 m measurement range
  • Vertical mounting
  • Rod or cable probe versions
  • -30…+200°C medium temperature
  • Max. 40 bar medium pressure
  • 32-point linearization table
  • Indirect assignment of 0% and 100%
  • 4-20 mA + HART outp
  • Ex version
  • IP67 protection