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Threaded sensor connection type for easy mounting.

EasyTREK is a new, low cost transmitter unit from Nivelco: it has all the sophisticated echo detection features of the well accepted EchoTREK
measurement systems, packaged into the 2 or 4 wire EasyTREK sensor housing.
For single tank applications the 4-wire version provides a simple transmitter, with a power relay set of contacts: this can be programmed using a magnetic key. For multiple
tank applications 2-wire transmitters are recommended using HART multi-drop systems linked to the Nivelco Multicont controller, or a modem plus PC. Both styles of
transmitter can be programmed via HART.




  • All features listed available with the magnetic key
  • Relay functions (differential, flow pulse etc)
  • Measurement configuration (Units, function, blanking ranges)
  • Measurement optimisation (Damping, tracking speed, ignoring stirrers etc)
  • Tank contents profiles: 14 different shapes
  • Open Channel Flow Metering: 21 different profiles
  • 32 point linearisation
  • Information/diagnostics (Echo map and signal/noise)