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Stationary Refrigerated Sampler
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The Aysix  S100 & S200 Wastewater Sampler models offer customers true flexibility without compromise on product features and performance. Incorporated into each of these Aysix models is the well proven, dependable and highly respected Aysix Sampling Module. As with all Samplers in the Aysix range, the  S100 and S200 are compliant with the Ontario Environment MISA program.

The Aysix Sample Head is the simplest of the Aysix Wall Mounted Samplers. Being extremely compact the Aysix Sample Head can be conveniently positioned adjacent to your effluent source. Any one of the non Integral range of Sample Collection Vessels can be used with this model. The Aysix Sample Head can be powered from an AC mains supply or a 12VDC Battery.

The Aysix S200 is the simplest of the Stationary Refrigerated Wastewater Samplers in the Aysix range. Where an indoor refrigerated Sampler is required for a secure location the S200 is the perfect solution. The Aysix S200 can be used with any one of the non Integral range of Sample Collection Vessels. Having separate Sampler and Refrigeration compartments means the user can interrogate the Sampler Module and carry out routine maintenance without the need to disturb the collected samples. For additional tamper protection the S200 can be supplied with a high impact Module Front Cover. 

Aysix Sampling Module Specification General

Media source suitability Wastewater from non-pressurised sampling point.Sample extraction method Air pump vacuum system. Environmental suitability Not suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Sampling method Time - Sampling frequency: 1 min to 99hrs 59 min Flow - 4-20mA or pulsed volt free contact Event - Volt free contact from external device e.g. pH meter, pump etc.
Maximum lift height > 7 metres. Transport velocity 0.5 metres / sec (average) over 7 metres lift. Sample shot volume 50 - 500 ml. (larger total sample volume possible through programmable multiple shots / sample). Sample shots / charge 350+ from fully charged Aquamatic Battery (at 1.8m lift). Sample shot cycle time 30 seconds (approximately) with 4 metres lift. Maximum sample media 60°C temperature.Ambient operating temp. See Individual Product Data Sheets for details.

Materials of construction

Aysixl Module Sealed Polyurethane mouldings / Stainless Steel Components. Sample Chamber Acrylic or Glass (option). Sample Chamber Top Standard: Polypropylene / Stainless Steel / Silicon rubber Optional: PTFE / Stainless Steel / Silicon rubber. Intake Hose with Filter Standard: Braided PVC / Stainless Steel Filter Optional: Braided PTFE / Stainless Steel Filter. Sample Collection Vessels See individual Product Data Sheets for details.


User Interface 17 button Keypad incorporating tactile keys 16 x 2 line backlit LCD. Intake Hose:  Portable models 2 metre long with 5 x Ø12mm intake ports (2 metre extension hoses available as required) Stationary models 10m (5m with S50) with 5 x Ø12mm intake ports. Sample tract diameter Ø12mm increasing to Ø16mm (Ø19mm with Bottler) between Intake Filter and sample discharge. Sample Collection Vessels See individual Product Date Sheets for details. Environmental Protection Electrical / electronic components housed in humidity controlled enclosures. See individual Product Data Sheets for specific IP ratings. Humidity Control Replaceable Desiccant Bag with 3 stage Humidity Indicator visible on Keypad.


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  • Vacuum Chamber Measurement
  • Vacuum Chamber Measurement
  • Vacuum Chamber Measurement
  • Sample Temperature Control
  • Discrete or Multi Bottle Formates

  • Very Accurate, repeatable sample size measurement
  • No Restriction on the In-Let sample line.
  • Longer Lift Lengths
  • Collected samples are preserved at 0°C to 5°C whilst awaiting collection
  • Wide Selection of Bottle Formates