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Interface Level Analyzer

Sludge Level
Sludge Blanket Analyzer

Aysix EchoSmart is an exciting new development in interface level analyzer technology that offers the advantages of new and innovative instrument architecture. The result is greater flexibility in equipment configuration options, enhanced communication capabilities and reduced installed cost.

Media Expansion
Filter Bed Media Expansion

Expansion Pro Analyzer is an application specific instrument designed to measure media expansion in granular media filters. EPA 2000TM also monitors media level between backwash cycles - i.e. while the filter is in service. EPA 2000TM employs EDI's highly effective underwater acoustic sensing technology to provide an accurate and cost-effective solution to this critical measurement requirement.

Smart Interface Level
for Filter Bed Expansion, or Sludge Blanket

The Aysix Wireless Smart Sensors generate and process an ultrasonic signal for real-time measurement of sludge level blankets, and filter bed expansion with maximum flexibility. There are no “big ticket” auxiliary analyzers are required.  Our tracking algorithms have been developed and proven and independently field tested and confirmed  performance across Canada, the US and around the world for a wide range of applications.  

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