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Total Suspended Solids

Total Suspended Solids
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Model 1500 suspended solids analyzer is a unique system that combines advanced electronics with a solid-state optical sensor. No other suspended solids system can compare with the features and benefits this revolutionary design.

The Model 15 sensor utilizes optical principals based on the near infrare(880nm) range. The Model 15 sensor is designed to measure the solids concentrations in biological reactors, open RAS or WAS channels, and clarifier influent channels.


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  • Infrared emitter minimizes color effects
  • Unaffected by particle size
  • Sensor compensates for emitter variations in temperature
  • Sensors to cover all ranges
  • Isolated 4-20 (0-20) and Modbus RTU outputs
  • Backlit LCD display with high temperature and UV resistant glass and fill
  • User friendly menus for quick set up
  • Built in self cleaning
  • Jet wash part moulded in the sensor
  • Easily Integrate to existing SCADA or run as a stand alone system
  • Nema 4x Enclosure for outdoor use (Temperature ranges for -40C to 50C)