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Standard Body
Available in 12 or 13 bit versions

Long considered the industry standard for shafted incremental encoders, the Model H25 is now available in an absolute version with up to 13 Bits of resolution. It incorporates many of the great standard features of the incremental version, including: EMI shielding, 40-lb ABEC 7 bearings, matched thermal coefficients on critical components, and custom optics. This encoder features a 12 or 13 Bit absolute parallel gray code output, a selection line for count direction, and an output latch as standard. Output is standard gray code with options for natural binary or SSI compatible signals. Signals can be provided in either a single-ended multi-voltage line driver (TTL compatible when provided with 5 volts) or as an open-collector style of output. Typical applications include dam gate control, cranes, telescopes, tool changers, and robotics.


  • Standard Grey Code output
  • Serial Synchronous Interface (SSI) Available
  • High Resolution Measurement

  • Standard Interface Connections
  • Efficient wiring connection
  • Track the Smallest movement.