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Wireless SCADA RTU
Wireless Real-Time Monitoring & Alarm System with Streaming Data

Each Aysix Mission M-800 system includes a field RTU, wireless communications through cellular data, MISSION based computers and software, amazing alarm notifications, and two customer websites. The whole system is up and running in a few hours.

The M-800 series connects continuously through all local cell phone providers. There is no polling. Analog and digital input changes are updated as they occur. Watch in real time as pumps turn on/off and levels change. Turn relays on/off manually or automatically.

MISSION’s web-based software is very simple; we set it up for you and upgrades are included and automatic. Send your data directly into your existing HMI software like Wonderware® or Intellution®.

It tracks hourly pump run times and starts, analyzes them, and calls you before there’s a serious problem. continuous volumetric flow calculations and false alarm suppression features save money too.

Alarms can be delivered via all pagers, e-mail, faxes, voice phone calls, or OPC. Electronic RTU service keys log personnel site arrival and maintenance times. No more manual logs. We also provide each customer with a secure website to view current status, run reports, or make updates. It even runs on WAP cell phones.


  • Continuous, Real-Time Wireless Connectivity
  • Secure data transmission.
  • Real time alarms assist operations.
  • Streaming data for historical trending.
  • Automatic or manual remote control.
  • Centralized Web Software and/or Direct Into Yours.
  • Data and reports accessible from desktops, smartphones and tablets

  • Tracks hourly pump run times ,starts, and analyzes them.
  • Easy to install
  • Personnel site arrival and maintenance times logged electronically.
  • Access to a secure website to view current status, run reports, or make updates.
  • Continuous, Real-Time Wireless Connectivity
  • Full Suite of Cost Saving Software Features