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WirelessHART Gateway
Ethernet and RS485 Communication Module for remote WHA Adaptors

MODBUS WirelessHART Gateway for use with the WirelessHART Adaptors wether hazardous area or general purpose applications.
The WirelessHART Gateway is the interface between the
WirelessHART network and the control system or asset
management system.
The device supports WirelessHART networks with up to 250
network participants and provides a RS485 interface as well
as an Ethernet interface. Both interfaces transmit the HART or
MODBUS protocol. OPC connectivity can be realized via the
HART OPC server.
The device can be configured via the DTM or DD in
connection with a configuration software. Furthermore, it
provides a web interface for direct access via a web browser 


  • MODBUS WirelessHART Gateway
  • Graphical network analysis
  • Simple and automatic configuration options
  • Ethernet and RS 485 interface
  • HART and MODBUS protocol via both interfaces
  • Input WirelessHART wireless interface
  • 24 V DC supply
  • Redundant power supply connections