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Hazardous Area

The device upgrades a conventional HART or 4 mA ... 20 mA
field device with a WirelessHART interface. It is mounted
either directly to the cable gland entry or separated from the
field device.
The device contains a battery pack which also powers the field
device. Depending on the parameterization, battery lifetimes
up to 5 years are possible. This allows autonomous
measurements. The rotatable antenna can be brought in the
optimal position, regardless of the mounting orientation of the
field device.
The unit is easily programmed with a configuration tool (DTM
or DD).
For additional information, refer to the manual and


  • 1-channel
  • Installation in Zone 1, Zone 21, and Class I Div. 1
  • WirelessHART Adapter
  • Cast aluminum housing
  • Battery operated
  • Also supplies field device
  • Input 2-wire HART transmitters and 2-wire HART current sources
  • Output WirelessHART wireless interface
  • Direct mounting on HART- or 4 mA ... 20 mA field device
  • Rotatable antenna