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Media Expansion
Filter Bed Media Expansion

Expansion Pro Analyzer is an application specific instrument designed to measure media expansion in granular media filters. EPA 2000TM also monitors media level between backwash cycles - i.e. while the filter is in service. EPA 2000TM employs EDI's highly effective underwater acoustic sensing technology to provide an accurate and cost-effective solution to this critical measurement requirement.

Municipal surface water plants typically have from 4-40 filters at one site with perhaps 6-12 as a reasonable range of average number. It is important to note that in surface water treatment plants, filtration is the primary treatment process - and backwashing is the primary means to keep the filters functioning properly. These are not ancillary or secondary processes. They are absolutely fundamental to production of the final product - safe drinking water!

Optional Backwash Turbidity Sensor

If you are familiar with the BinMinder 9300-ETS that combines sludge level and effluent turbidity in one sensor for clarifiers. The same cost effective combination is now available for Expansion Pro Analyzer. You get these features and benefits, and more: Dual parameter sensor provides highly cost effective measurement of media expansion and backwash turbidity. Expanion measurement optimizes filter cleaning, and turbidity measurement reduces wash run-time - while assuring consistent filter cleaning in each wash cycle. Plants increase filter efficiency, eliminate waste of finished water, and reduce wear and tear on plant pumps, motors and other equipment. Key measurements are the final components of an effective, automated backwash system.