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Here are the available subcategories:

Dust Detection
Continuous Monitor

The Dust Detect 1000 is a single device dust detector that has been specifically designed to continuously monitor the flow of particulate emissions from small stacks and emission points being passed through an air filtration system. It easily installs in the exhaust ductwork and can be used with several types of filtration systems. The probe on the Dust Detect 1000 is able to recognize abnormal particulate levels outside user-defined preset parameters and initiates an alarm when changes in emission exceed these levels.

Dust Detection
Remote Display

BM-30 LGX  The BM-30 LGX is a particulate monitoring device designed for general process and environmental monitoring. This particulate monitoring system consists of a control unit, a particulate sensor and a sensor coaxial cable. Applications for the BM3-LGX include continuous emissions monitoring, baghouse filter leak detection and process particulate flow monitoring. It detects many types of particulate including solid particulates such as dusts, powders, granulars and pellets as well as liquid particulates such as mists.

Software Details

Software solutions to improve efficiency.
Our solutions are continually being adapted and enhanced to keep up with technology trends and increased client expectations. Road Tanker management can be an expensive operation particularly when dealing with treatment byproducts, such as waste water sludge. Our software solutions are geared towards increasing visibility, enhancing data presentation, improving audit trail data, increasing the opportunity to raise revenue collection and reducing costs through improved efficiency.

Stationary Refrigerated Sampler
Sampler Outdoor Enclosed

The S300 Series variants centre around the same high performance Aysix S300 Cabinet. As with every Sampler in the Aysix Sampler range each S300 model incorporates the well proven and dependable Aquacell Module.

Stationary Refrigerated Sampler
Indoor Non Enclosed

The S200 is the simplest of the Refrigerated Wastewater Samplers.  As with every Sampler in the Aysix Sampler range the S200 model incorporates the well proven and dependable Aysix Vacuum Chamber Measurement principle. Suitable for indoor applications.

Composite or Multi Bottle Format

Super Compact and lightweight. 5 litre low profile composite Sample Container. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Mains or Battery powered (or both). Lockable Front Cover. 350+ samples achievable with a fully charged Aysix Battery. Front access to Sample Container without disturbing Sampler or Intake Hose. Open structure enables user to instantly verify sampling operation and visually inspect collected samples

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