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pH and ORP
Novel design compact loop powered transmitter

The AnaCONT liquid analytical transmitters are designed to measure pH, redox potential, or dissolved oxygen values of liquids and aqueous solutions.pH measurement: Continuous measurement of acidity (pH<7) and of basicity (pH>7) in liquids can be performed by the help of AnaCONT transmitters. The necessary feeding of chemicals and other technological functions can be controlled by the processed measured values. The potential difference between the submerged measuring and reference probe generates a voltage proportional to the concentration of the hydrogen ion in the measured fluid. This voltage is evaluated by the signal processing electronic module of the instrument. Based on the signals of the submerged probe and the temperature sensor the smart signal processing electronic module calculates a pH value normalized to 25°C and generates a proportional output signal. The long term stability and accuracy of the measurement requires a periodic calibration of the sensors using the standard buffer solutions.


  • Compact and integrated versions
  • Separated versions up to 10m
  • Measurement range: pH: 0-14, ORP: ±1000 mV, DO: 0-20 ppm
  • Wide probe selection suitable for most applications
  • Temperature compensation
  • Graphic display
  • 4-20 mA, HART, relay output
  • P67 / IP68 protection
  • Ex version